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What is Izzy?

Izzy is an open source Business Blockchain that lets developers begin developing applications using their existing application development tools. Izzy provides revolutionary data structures that allow businesses to represent non-monetary assets as documents within the blockchain.
  • Provides a fully encrypted business blockchain that can be used in a company‚Äôs current technical environment (hosted blockchain)
  • Supports a blockchain having nodes using different technologies across the network.
  • Allows non-monetary assets to be stored within traditional UTxO transactions inside the Izzy blockchain.
  • Provides a revolutionary mechanism for non-monetary assets to be identified, queried, and updated.

Deploy your own Business Blockchain in Minutes

Works with your existing infrastructure

How does it work?

Izzy is a "hosted blockchain" that allows businesses to:
  • Use infrastructures already in place (backup/recovery, networking, etc.)
  • Use existing programming teams for development.
  • Begin blockchain development without investments in hardware or software.
  • Use blockchain to solve existing application issues.
  • Use blockchain on a limited basis within existing applications.

Business Blockchain without the Risk

Most business blockchains are build for businesses that can spend 10 of millions of Dollars on development projects. Izzy is the Business Blockchain for the rest of us.
  • Supports the programming languages you already use.
  • DOES NOT use Smart Contracts for business logic.
  • Stores data into Blockchain as UTxO while being accessible like a document-oriented graph database.
  • Provides Graph-APIs for creating, maintaining, and querying data (transactions).
  • Provides multi-party ownership of documents for data sharing and process flow.

Hosted Design

  • Keeps businesses in control of their data centers.
  • Supports Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, and MySQL. (more to come)
  • Creates signed and encrypted transactions using keys like public blockchains.
  • Supports a participant proof of stake model.
  • Uses a REST-api for communication across nodes.
  • Seamlessly handles pending transactions with applications.
  • Allows independent blockchains to be merged later.

What are the use cases?

The Izzy Blockchain is designed to get businesses started with blockchain and allows their projects and deployments to grow.
  • Single-node blockchains to get your feet wet.
  • Single business operations for security and data flow.
  • Business to Business Blockchains.
  • Business to Consumer Blockchains.
  • Hybrid blockchains using the Tritanium Cryptocurrency.

Try Izzy Today

Once you see how easy it is to build business blockchain applications with Izzy, you will wonder why you never tried it before.
Visit our github Izzy Blockchain Github

Create your own Blockchain

It only takes a few minutes to install an Izzy Blockchain.
  • Download the Code from Github.
  • Setup the connection to your existing database.
  • Create the Blockchain data structures in your database.
  • Create the Genesis Block.
  • Run our sample code.

Who are we?

Izzy Blockchain is an open source platform maintained by Tritanium Labs. Izzy Blockchain is the foundation of the KITT Stack (Kobie, Izzy, Tritanium, and Trichain) for application developers using the programming language of their choice, and the CITTT Stack (Cobolt, Izzy, Tritanium, and Trichain) for AngularJS developers.